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Mobile Fillers Southern California proudly offers Restylane and Restylane Silk, the first and only injectable fillers that are FDA approved for lip enhancement. Call us on (310) 887-6346.


Will Botox work for you?

My name is Caroline and I am a 38 year old woman who lives in Southern California. I have always been very conscious about my outlook and spend much on skin products, specifically lotions to prevent facial wrinkles. As a smoker, I have bad lines across my top lip and these are the lines I am unable to remove by using creams. This is why I switched to Botox.   

I found a place that offers Mobile Botox Injections Southern California, which will treat my eyes, lips and forehead. I fixed an appointment and went for a long one on Friday morning. 

My appointment time was 10 AM and the clinic was very neat and the staffs were quite friendly. The concierge Aesthetics Service Southern California was recommended by a certified doctor with the presence of a female nurse, hence I never felt uncomfortable for a single moment.  The treatment lasted for 40 minutes. I felt the injection as it was injected under my skin, but they don’t hurt that much. All you will feel will be a bit tingle when the Botox is injected.

Before I entered the treatment room, I asked one of the nurses to take a picture of me with my cell phone. It has a good camera; hence all my facial wrinkles can be seen in the picture. After the treatment, she took another picture, and when I looked at the two images, I should say the differences were radical. 

The best results were my top lip which looked much fuller and smooth. When I smiled, there were no lines across my eyes, no crow’s feet. It was awesome!

That was a couple of months ago, and the impacts have not yet got faded. Hence, if anyone reading this, and planning to go for private Aesthetics Service Southern California, I would definitely suggest it. 

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